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This is your EMCInfobase Country profile (Canada), providing many useful references including EMC test labs, Regulations, EMC sources of information etc
Regulations Compliance Information
Standards Bodies/Regulatory Bodies
CSA [Canadian Standards Authority]

Canadian EMC Support Documents (CAB003)
Canadian Regulations (ICES003)
Canadian Regulations (ICES003) - Issue 5
ICES001 ISM [Canada Regulations]
ICES002 Vehicles [Canada Regulations]
ICES003 [Canada Regulations]
ICES003 ITE [Canada Regulations]
ICES004 AC High Power Systems [Canada Regulations]
Ispec [Canada Regulations]
SIEMIC Certification Services (Canada]

EMCAB 1 Immunity to Canadian Radio Environment
EMCAB 2 Criteria for Immunity
EMCAB 3 ICES003 Guidance.
Frequency Allocations [Canada]

Useful Web Sites

Hong Kong

EMxLinks search engine


New Zealand

Test Laboratories / Consultants
ADI Int Ltd, Canada
Aprel Laboratories, Canada
APREL Laboratories (51 Spectrum), Canada
Atlantis Technical Consulting Inc, Canada
Celltech Labs Inc, Canada
CRIQ (Centre de recherche industrielle du Quebec), Canada
CSA International (EMC Lab), Canada
Electronics Test Centre, Canada
Electronics Test Centre (MPB Technologies Inc.), Canada
Electronics Test Centre [Airdie], Canada
EMC Consulting Inc., Canada
Flextronics Automotive Inc., Canada
Global Advantage International Inc., Canada
Integrated Engineering Software, Canada
Intertek Testing Services NA Ltd, Canada
Intetron Consulting, Inc, Canada
LabTest Certification Inc., Canada
LabTest Certification Inc., Canada
Matrox Conformity Group, Canada
Nemko Canada Inc, West Carleton, Canada
Nemko Canada Inc., Canada
Nortel BVW Lab, Canada
Product Integrity Laboratory Solectron Technical Centre, Canada
Protocol Labs, Canada
QAI Laboratories (British Columbia), Canada
SCI-LAB Materials Testing, Inc., Canada
Tranzeo EMC Labs inc., Canada
UltraTech Engineering Labs Inc., Canada
Vican Electronics, Canada
Waterloo EMC Services, Canada
Equipment Suppliers
Advanced EMC Solutions, Canada
Amphenol Canada Corp, Canada
Emscan, Canada
Northern Technologies Corp, Canada
Quantic EMC, Canada
EMCInfobase, Country Profile Canada
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