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This is your EMCInfobase Country profile (Australia), providing many useful references including EMC test labs, Regulations, EMC sources of information etc
Regulations Compliance Information
Standards Bodies/Regulatory Bodies
ACA [Austrialian Communications Authority]
Standards Australia

ACA [Austrialian Communications Authority] - + ACCC report (PLT)
ACA [Austrialian Communications Authority] - Booklet
ACA [Austrialian Communications Authority] - EMC
ACA [Austrialian Communications Authority] - EMC Testing Requirements
ACA [Austrialian Communications Authority] - Labelling
ACA [Austrialian Communications Authority] - PLT Information
ACA [Austrialian Communications Authority] - Record Keeping
ACA [Austrialian Communications Authority] - Standards list
ACMA [Australia] EMC
Australian and New Zealand EMC Regulations... (Anzemc)
Austrialia EMC Booklet
Compliance International [Australia]
Ispec [Australia Regulations]
SIEMIC Certification Services (Australia]
SIEMIC Certification Services (New Zealand]
Technoilogy International [Australia Regulations]

Useful Web Sites
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Hong Kong

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New Zealand

Test Laboratories / Consultants
Anzemc, Australia
Austest Laboratories, Australia
Austest Laboratories (Adelaide), Australia
Austest Laboratories (Melbourne), Australia
Compliance Engineering Pty, Australia
Compliance Services, Australia
EMC Services Pty Ltd, Australia
EMC Technologies (Brisbane), Australia
EMC Technologies (Melbourne), Australia
EMC Technologies (Sydney), Australia
Quantum Digital Laboratories, Australia
RFI Industries Pty Limited, Australia
SIEMIC Certification Services, Australia
Equipment Suppliers
EMCInfobase, Country Profile Australia
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