US Price List

Item Price
Vasona $10000.00
Vasona, Conducted version only $3200.00
EMiSweep (incl. XyFiles + EMiSoft Plot, EMiDat) $4850.00
EMiScan Software (incl. XyFiles) $3200.00
EMCInfobase Now available onlline
Yearly upgrade plan 15% of package 
Extensive training is available on any of the above products, contact EMiSoft for further details
Demos of all software are freely available (ftp available), for full functionality contact EMiSoft for a dongle !  Also need a password.

All prices exclude relevant local tax, delivery and in-person installation.

These prices are offered under EMiSoft Limited terms and conditions (US Price list version 2.4 18 September 1997)

Multiple dongle solutions available.
The other details.... 
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