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This is an example of the "DataSET" window for Vasona

This allows the update, creation and development of antenna factors, specification limits and other transducer factors.

Factors and limits should be added in frequency order, lowest first.

Menu Details:

File - Save options
Edit - Edit, paste options
Tools - Various tools.


Bicon is the title of the transducer and will be shown in the Main Menu. 

1.  This defines the type of antenna factor, transducer or specification limit.  This will change the ICON on the display and it will define in which menu, they will be displayed.

The amplitude units should reflect the test or the transducer.  For example dB or dBuV/m.

2. The Distance is only relevant to the specification distance.

3. The class is a label for the  specification type.

4. Table headers, you may clicked to sort the list. 

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