EMiSweep Immunity

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Software Description

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EMiSweep - This is a flexible Windows immunity package which provides the utilmate flexible Graphical User interface. Other visual aids provides a swept as well as spot frequency assessment.
Main Features Equipment Requirements
Perform Tests:-

Radiated Electric Field Immunity
(Pre-Calibration Method)

Radiated Electric Field Immunity
(Direct Monitor Method)

Power Line Conducted Immunity
Signal Line Conducted Immunity
Bulk Current Injection

Signal Generator, Spectrum Analyser, Power Meter, Cables, Attenuators, Terminations, Power Amplifier, PC+Natioal Instrument IEEE 488 Card...

Radiated Immunity
IsoTropic Field Sensor, Antennas, Screened Room

Conducted Immunity
CDNs, Current Probes, Calibration Jigs, EM Clamps
Graphical User Interface
Allows you to 'See the assessment configurations' 

CISPR24 Measurements
Full audio assessment capabilities.
16 Point Calibration
Using EMiDat provides full Data manipulation capabilities.

Spot Frequency Tests
Drag+Drop Spot frequency tests [ENV50204/CISPR24/EN300386]
The other details....
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