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Vasona, Ultimate EMC Package
The ultimate windows emission and immunity package is an ideal debug, formal or development tool providing easy of use with a flexible approach so you can quickly capture and manipulate data.   EMiSoft

In addition, the following functions are available:

   NSA calibrations
   Svswr (CISPR 16)
   Hybrid Comparison (ANSI C63.4, Annex N)
   Amplifier linearity (IEC 61000-4-3)
   RVC Calibration

On-line Vasona support provides you with everything you need, updates, additional drivers, training.... presentations and much more !

Vasona Emission Datasheet
Summary of the Features
Window 7
Vasona works in Win7 (64/32) and WinXp.

A package which can be used as either a debug tool or a full blown formal assessment package covering both Open Site or Chamber measurements. In addition, fully immunity assessment is also included.

Graphical User Interface
Allows you to 'See the assessment configurations'

Open Site Correlation
Allow the use of open site correlation factors to enable "non" ideal site, mimic a free field type environment.

Spot Frequency Tests
Simple right mouse button click on the relevant frequency and you will fully assess the emission of choice.

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The other details....
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