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These are some of the specific Vasona Functions, designed to help open site assessment in ambient environments !

Function Details

Standard Ambient List

A list of standard ambients can be stored, this allows for simple checking to see if an emission is from the EUT or just an ambient source.   Different libraries are available for the different tests.
Ambient List Four different emission tables are available, results can be transferred between any of the tables.  Their suggest use is as follows:-

Debug List of Debug Frequencies

Example of results table

Example show the layout of the table selection option.

Formal Formally Assessed Peaks
Ambient Emissions which have been classified not from the EUT.
Lib Storage area for known ambients


Trace Subtraction This allows two data traces to be subtracted. If the one of the trace is from the EUT [trace 1] and the other Ambient [with the EUT off, trace 2] then the positive values in the "difference trace" will indicate which emissions are from the EUT.
Linear Plot Profiles During turntable maximisation of a given signal, a linear plot is displayed of azimuth and amplitude.  If the level remains constant then the signal is likely to be of an ambient nature.

In addition, intermittent signals from an ambient source can be eliminated which will speed the finding of the worst case heights or turntable positions.  
Reduction of Bandwidths  
Default bandwidths which are required by CISPR16 are used during preview measurements.  These sometimes do not provide the necessary resolution of two signals, by reduction of the bandwidths, this will help to resolve two signals at similar frequencies.

Example of debug section [with the control panel]


Marker Demodulation Spectrum analysers often have a demodulation functions but they are difficult to use, this function will set up signal demodulation, the signal at the current marker frequency will then be heard.  This is essential information when you need to listen to the carrier to ensure it is not a local broadcast stattion .......

Congratulations, you now know how to deal with
Antennas within Vasona !!!'

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