Change Log

Vasona Issues and Updates
This is a log of the recent changes and current issues.
Vasona Change Log
This is a log of the recent changes to Vasona 
Version Changes Status/Conditions
6.0038 Bug fixes for the Frankonia tower/turntable drivers.  
6.0035 Ability to define the sweep time and number of points during a formal measurement.

Bug fix in sweep table function to allow data to be copied and pasted.

Bug fix in R&S ESCI, when using more than one specification limit

Support for the most up to date Sunol tower/turntable controller
6.0033 Ability to record the forward power during a test.  
6.0032 Allow control of R&S ESW pre-amplifier.  
Driver for Agilent N1913.
6.0031 Update to storage of remote radio templates.  
Bug fix for Agilent PXA setting marker to center freqeuncy. 
6.0029 Driver for EMCenter (ETS Lindgren)  
Completed functionality to simple copy results files to the network.
6.0028 Big fix to allow more analyser to use 'rms' detectors.  
6.0027 When toggling analyser inputs, and apply change from the sweep details window, a preview function is operated. This will toggle the input from 1 to 2, or 2 to 1.   
Completion of R&S ESR driver, including time domain mode
For supported network drives, data is automatically copied. Plus function to copy files to the additional network folder.
Bug fix on R&S ESCS receive sweep mode.
Bug fix in maximisation which performs a fine tune, when requested no fine tune.
Short cut to toggle to Res/Vid/Span function when in RX control mode.
R&S ESCI, ESU, ESR. Marker to peak center function working fully. 
R&S ESCI, storage of step when toggling between Rx Control and Anayser control. Plus toggling to Rx mode more consistent.
Ability to open files with more than 32000 data points in the scan data.
Short cut function to plot both traces without having to open sweep details window.
6.0025 Improved measurement of narrowband signals during formal measurements.  This sets the video bandwidth low so that it removes all the noise and azimuth / height settings are dramatically improved.   
  Further RX sweep and time domain developments  
6.0024 Complete development of the Narda EP200 probe driver  
  Bug fix to set the level to dBuV for calibration data file creation.  
6.0023 Continuing development of the Narda EP200 probe driver  
  Ability to paste data into the tower/turntable results   
6.0022 Initial development of the Narda EP200 probe driver  
6.0021 Ability to set set size base around bandwidth (for rx stepped measurements)   
  Development of the R&S ESH3/ESVP driver  
6.0019 Improved setting of the marker on the Agilent MXE.  
6.0018 Ability for the Agilent 74xx to perform rms measurements  
6.0017 Ability to reset table scan function back to those within the file  
  Improvements in the Narda probe drivers  
6.0016 Scan table functionality
This is a significant update, needed to consolidate templates and allows the control of 

Reference Level
Resolution Bandwidth (ResBW) 
Video Bandwidth (VidBW)
Bandwidth for formal tests (for some analyser the VidBW also has an impact on the measurement).

These are settable based upon frequency range.

This is needed for radio and marine testing.

Resolution Bw plotted (the one used during the sweep)

Fix to stop 40GHz, present as 39999.999GHz.

Control of the IF analysis sweep screen during formal testing to stop 'relay switching'

Allow users to store specification limits for GR1089 (specifically sectoin 10).  The use to be an admin only function.

During Immunity testing, the ability to apply two CW signals based upon the requirements of EN50083-2.
Because of the nature of the change we recommend significant debug testing of templates prior to employment into a production environment.

Another recent discussion point, LIMITs defined in dBpW are not always correctly displayed. Some analysers will apply a 17 dB offset if dBpW has been selected. Make sure you apply the correct factor. NOTE: the standard correction factor installed in the ECSI may not give you correct results.
Bug fixes
Vasona would crash opening sweep details window in existing files.

Vasona would still do a fine tune during conducted emission measurements, even though the signal was defined as 'no fine tune'.

When antenna is fixed, vertical polarity was not available.

Improvements on the application of offsets for immunity testing.  Vasona will not apply the correct offset if the limits are defined in dBuA. 
6.0015 Driver for R&S NRVD
Improvements on user interface for GR1089 calculations.
6.0014 Conducted Immunity
Allow the use of spectrum analysers for recording levels during conducted immunity testing.

Provided a 'min hold' function to ensure levels are high enough during GR1089 section 10 calibration.

Modification in section 10 calculation so that Amps are used, rather than mA.

Tower/Table Control
Improvements in controlling the 'max full' tower/turntables.
Bug fixes
Formal measurements using the RMS detector use correct settings.
6.0013 Started development of the driver for the R&S FSW

Added Fluke as an manufacturer, further improved driver for Smart field monitor.

Error trap to make sure the correct second device is attached for CI calibration. Further modification of Error messages.

Allow AM mod frequency, other than 1000.
Prescan functionality of ESR and FSW should work.
6.0012 Added delay to find peak to allow slower analyser to be used for conducted immunity calibration.    
6.0011 Added SMart field monitor probe. This uses some custom code, to use revision after this, may require a complete install.  Noting that the NI GPIB drivers will need to re-installed afterwards.
6.0009 Allow the selection of the second port for ESU/MXE.

Started development of the driver for the R&S ESR

Started development to allow the control of the number of points used during prescan.
6.0008 Completed development of the R&S automated LISN control.  
6.0007 Allow control of very early Sunol tower/table controller  
6.0006 During continuous capture, a second dummy window would be created. Issue resolved.  
Stop crashing when trying to open the RVC window.  
GR1089 Section 10 calculations, removed limitation on calculations to 200A  
Bug fixing in Ethernet mode
Fixed formal ESCI/ESU and Maxfull control issues
Soak tested data capture
6.0005 Bug fixing in Ethernet mode Beta
6.0004 Added control of device over Ethernet, 15% faster data capture Beta release
6.0003 Added automatic control for LISNs (under prescan function) Beta release  
6.0002 Update driver for R&S FSP analyser [1.4] Removed error messages 
Improved storage of object files (archive)  
6.0001 Added additional driver for MaxFull tower/turntables  
5.0099 Bug fix opening some files.  
Ability to change the size of text on HTML files
When merging RI calibration files, the overall results  could now be saved to an EMI file.
5.0098 NSA, updated process so that the figures are always saved. Prior to this, the figures were only saved after opening the NSA Results window and then hitting save.
Added an additional Save option in NSA Window  
Added additional 'Cancel' message when the user cancelled the current test.

Additional information (in messages) about what has just been tested.
BETA, save template function (from within the results section)..

Very useful when generating new templates, not need to toggle back/forward
8566, update specification limit drawing so that the bright spot is removed at the end of the line.
Autodraw of limits when changing the span
Created driver for 8568B.
5.0097 Allow the use of the Sunol SC110V tower/table controller Fix from 5.0095
R&S ESHS10 Driver [1.3] Cleared missing element

R&S ESI, fix when using receiver control, Vasona hangs when measuring Qp, Av, Pk or RMS measurements. 

This does not occur in analyser mode.
Further checks to ensure Vasona is controlling the R&S ESI/ESU/ESL in rx mode.
Driver complete for R&S ESL
5.0095 For Svswr measurements, plots can be frequency limited.   Use the apply function in the sweep details window and the copy 'Full graph' to clipboard.
Ability to connect to a Sunol 110 series firmware Note, because of the changes in the firmware, vasona still does not control the towers/turntables correctly using this firmware version.
Added better control of timing using older HP analysers where Vasona forces the sweep to occur in the preselector bands.  (above 1GHz) This was initially done for the HP856x series.  If other analysers have the problem, issues can be fixed in the analyser driver.
R&S ESL driver in development This is based on a ESI.
RI calibration fixes.
1. Forward power/Driver table selection is now automatic at the completion of RI calibration. 
2. Resaving of drive tables without forward power does not create an error.
3. Only the save-as function is available (to avoid confusion)
4. RI Calibration window, is now auto-sized. 
5.0094 Add diagram to better illustrate the setup for Svswr measurements.  
5.0093 Improved storage of files on the network. Results are not longer limited to the default directory. 
Improved visibility of the mapped networked drivers and when the are connected.
Improved PING functionality
5.0092 Linearity check for conducted immunity calibration, data is stored in the emi file.  
Corrected functionality of limited dongles.  
Improved saving of calibration factors to the 'cal factors' directory.   
Agilent MXE, PXA, additional dwell included when setting marker frequency. The marker functions of these analysers do not work correctly and hence Vasona has to put additional delays to ensure that the display is updated.
When measuring injected current
1. improved initialization of the analyser used to do the measurements.
2. The sweep time function works, rather than auto.
Using library frequencies, defaults are now not selected on the second run of the test.  
HMTL output, format fixed so that the image is always available. Prior to this only IE gave the correct output.
RTF Output has been investigated. Note, code has not been implemented but we have solved any technical difficulties associated with outputting data in RTF format. 
RI Calibration, ability to merge separate result together. This functionality should be carefully checked prior to use.
Ability to see the composite specification from the admin menu.  
For R&S ESU and ESCI, when the limit is defined in dBuA, results have a 34 dB offset if Vasona does the correction.   
For newer Agilent analysers, second limit line is always deleted.  This includes, MXE
740x, PSA. 
Add log steps  Need for RVC calibration.
Start the development of Common storage filenames. This functionality will improved how common templates are stored and used. This will take several iterations fix correctly.   
5.0091 RVC calibration calculations are now built-in to Vasona.  
Corrected functionality of limited dongles and the display of which options they control.  
Improved saving of calibration factors to the 'cal factors' directory.   
Additional checking to make sure that the ISOtropic field probes port is available prior to radiated immunity calibration. 
Vasona Issues
This is a list of none issues and work items.
Version Issue Work arounds
  When operating  different templates with a PSA and an ESCI, Vasona can stop prior to formal testing. Reboot Vasona between tests.
ESR driver needed Debug scans work in Version 5.0009.
  RVC Testing functionality In development
  Scan receiver functionality (new) In development
The other details.... 
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