Module, Basic

This training modules steps you through a Simple development/debug test. Showing you how to captured data from the spectrum analyser, then store test data on your hard disk.  You can then continue the process to do further measurements.

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Step Function Form Description
1. Open Vasona Logon Select from your Windows task bar:-
1. start
2. programs
3. EMiSoft-Vasona

This will open the main menu after first entering your password in the logon window.
2. Select relevant Template

'Radiated-Class B'
Main Menu 1. Move mouse over the "Radiated-Class B" icon
2. Right mouse button click
3. From the pull down menu choose "Select Template"

vasona4.gif (4463 bytes)

Note : Vasona automatically remembers the previous Template you were using.
3. Run Test Main Menu Click on the "Test Button" within the toolbar:-

vasona3.gif (4028 bytes)

This will begin the test process.
4. Equipment Attached Equipment This windows informs you of what equipment is selected and their IEEE addresses !  In this case the equipment connected is as follows:-

Spectrum Analyser : HP8564A, [Ieee address 18]
Tower : EMCO, [Ieee address 9]
Turntable : EMCO, [Ieee address 8]
Polarity Control : EMCO, [Ieee address 1]

The refresh button "polls" the equipment on the IEEE bus and records what is attached.
5. Begin Assessment Results vasona6.gif (5523 bytes)

1. select the "Test" TAB from the control panel
2. click on the "Begin Assessment" button

The "Assessment Control" window is now opened
6. Start Testing Start Testing Click on the "start" button to begin the testing process.
7. Test process


Vasona will now execute the test sequence, this will capture data from the spectrum analyser, rotate the turntable etc.   The following window appears on completion:-

vasona11.gif (2339 bytes)

Vasona will now find peaks from the Data and store them in the "Debug" list.
8. Store Data Results

Save Results Window
Vasona, Save Data During Test

To store the current debug data:-
1. Click on the 'Info' Tab
2. This is the location where the filename is stored.
3. Click on the 'save button' this will bring up the "Save Results Window".
Vasona, Save Data During Test Enter the Test Results Name, ie "Test Data".

Click on
'Create File'.

Note: box 2 will display the title once the data has been saved.

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