Module, Final Test

This training module covers the Final Test methodology, this is required to ensure that the worst case signal has been found with respect to detector, antenna polarity, height and turntable azimuth.
Step Function Form Description
1. Copy relevant results to the Formal List Results The final test routine assesses all the peaks in the "Formal List" section of the results table.   You will need to copy all relevant signals from the debug list to formal list.

vasona24.gif (3562 bytes)

Perform the following:-
Right mouse button click on the "Debug list"
2. click on "select all" [This will highlight the entire list.]
3. Repeat right mouse button click and select copy.

Note: if you only want to select a limited number click on each relevant frequency whilst holding down the ctrl key, then perform the copy function..

vasona24.gif (3562 bytes)

To paste the results to the Formal table, do the following:-

1. click on the formal button.
2. right mouse button click
3. select "insert paste"

2. Begin Test Results Select - All Peak Signal Test

1. Select the 'Test' TAB  from the control panel
2. Select 'All Peak Signals'
3. Click on the "Begin Assessment" button.

The "Assessment Control" window is now opened

3. Start Testing Start Testing Click on "start" to begin testing.
4. Test process

Maximise Data

Formal Data

Vasona will now execute the 'Final Test' sequence, this measures each individual frequency in the table. The turntable, tower will be controlled..   The following window appears on completion:-

vasona11.gif (2339 bytes)
5. Store Data Results
Save Results Window
vasona13.gif (8415 bytes)

To re-store the current data:-

1. Click on the 'Info' Tab
2. Title of current file.
3. Click on the 'save button' this will bring up the "Save Results Window".

Update Test Results

On this form click on the "Update File" to  re-save the test data.

Note: box 2 will display the title once the data has been saved.

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