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Name Laplace Instruments Ltd
Type Manufacturer [Equipment]
Address /MapIT Tudor House, Grammar School Road, North Walsham, Norfolk, NR28 9JH, UK
Contact /Email Click to email
Tel /Fax Tel: +44 (0) 16 92 40 20 70 / Fax: +44 (0) 16 92 40 49 10
Details /Vendor
Australia, Power Parameters
China (Shenzhen), Emtoni Technology Co., Ltd
China, EMC Technology Limited
Colombia (Anitquia), Reliant EMC LLC (Central & South America)
Denmark, Metric Industrial AS (Denmark)
Finland, Inel Ltd
Hong Kong, Corad Technology Limited
India, Scientific Mes Technik Pvt.Ltd.
Israel, Ultram Technologies
Italy, Volta SpA
Japan, Testram
New Zealand, ETL Electrotest
Russia, Deep-com
Switzerland, Emitec
The Netherlands, Accelonix BV
Further details about Laplace Instruments Ltd
Originally the company activities focussed on Signal Acquisition and Instrumentation equipment, with a specialist niche in vibration analysis and FFT techniques. Our markets at that time included automotive, military (helicopter), heavy engineering and railway sectors.  These led to frequency analysis tools, which in turn led to RF spectrum analysers.
Further details
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