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Name MPB (UK)
Type Manufacturer [Equipment]
Laboratory [Calibration]
Address /MapIT UK
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Tel /Fax Fax: n/a
China (Shenzhen), Emtoni Technology Co., Ltd
Narda Microwave-East
Further details about MPB (UK)
MPB was established in 1997 thanks to my previous job experiences more or less in the same field. I used to deal with sales and technical assistance and so many times I have been asked to deal with requests that I was not able to meet giving my position. It frequently happens in our field that the customers, besides buying the equipment, ask for something more in terms of services for example the integration of accessories, calibration of the Instrumentation constant after-sales service all aspects that I could no longer manage as employee. From that moment I felt the need to be on my own and create my own company. Currently MPB works in the EMC field, measuring instrumentation for EMF and RF test. We donít provide just products and instrumentation but also services: calibrations, reparations, formation and rental.
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