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Name Solar Electronics
Type Manufacturer [Equipment]
Address /MapIT 10866 Chandler Blvd., Hollywood, California, 91601, USA
Contact /Email Click to email
Tel /Fax Tel: (818) 755-1700 / Fax: (818) 755-0078
Details /Vendor
Australia (Victoia), Faraday Pty Ltd
China, Compliance Direction International Limited
France, EuroMC
Germany, Pischzan Technologies- EMV Messtechnik und mehr
Japan, Nippon Automatic Control Company
The Netherlands, Accelonix BV
USA (California), ATS [Advanced Technical Sales]
USA (Oregon), Syntek (Beaverton)
Further details about Solar Electronics
Our day-by-day development of new EMI test equipment and related products since 1960 is substantial proof that, there is no substitute for experience. We would like to hear from you because we know we can help with your EMI problems. Communicate with us via telephone, FAX or E-mail.
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