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Type Laboratory [EMC Test]
ISO 17025 Accreditation
Address /MapIT Wilhelm-Kraut-Straße 65, Balingen, D-72336, Germany
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Tel /Fax Tel: 07433-12-2767 / Fax: 07433-12-2019
Details DAKKS Scope: D-PL-15018-01-01
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The Retail Technology Summit is the industry’s most influential retail technology event in the EU organised by the world’s largest retail federation (USA’s NRF) and the world’s leading authority on technology standards for the retail industry (ARTS), the Summit provides a chance to test and redefine your assessment of the IT and standards landscape. The intensive, one-day educational program features retail practitioners and experts who share their knowledge and insights on topics that are global, relevant and forward thinking. Summit delegates will learn about the latest in retail technology, supply chain execution, and international IT standards.
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