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Name Richtec Instruments Co.,Ltd
Type Supplier/Rep
Address /MapIT 6F - 5, No. 130, Lane 235, Pao-Chiao Road, Shing Tien City, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan
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Tel /Fax Tel: 886 2 8912-1185 / Fax: 886 2 8912-1812
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Further details about Richtec Instruments Co.,Ltd
Start in 1993 on May 6 focused on Japan's EMI (electromagnetic interference) / EMC (EMC) sales of related equipment and services. Products covered by electromagnetic interference (EMI) measurement equipment, electromagnetic tolerance (EMS) immunity testing Test equipment, EMI / EMS debug, modify and countermeasures to use professional tools, anechoic chamber (Anechoic Chamber) and the open test site (OAST) Planning, Design and Construction, in addition to providing for the original anechoic chamber (Anechoic Chamber) and antenna (Antennas ) Of calibration services, the company is more in September 1, 2003 to provide clients from ESD (electrostatic discharge) Surge (lightning) Burst / EFT (electrical fast transient burst) DIP (instantaneous voltage drop / change), and other maintenance Correction and adjustment services. With a view to precision instrument and equipment manufacturers to assist in the establishment of EMC's own internal quality control measures and testing, and the other is also in accordance with customer requirements related to the provision of expertise and national laws and regulations to help companies build up talents in EMC training and the provision of technical advisory services to EMC.
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