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Name Shoshin
Type Supplier/Rep
Manufacturer [Equipment]
Address /MapIT Suruga-Bldg.6F 1-7-1 Muromachi, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0022, Japan
Contact /Email Click to email
Tel /Fax Tel: 03-3270-5921 / Fax: 03-3245-1695
Denso EMC Engineering Service Corporation
GE Yokogawa Medical Systems, Ltd.
Nihon Denkei Co, Ltd
Oki Engineering Co., Ltd. EMC Center
Omron Corporation
TDK Corporation
Further details about Shoshin
In today's world, every day brings new developments and new discoveries. At Shoshin Corporation, we ride the crest or this wave of change, constantly looking to the future, constantly seizing new opportunities. With our innovative and dynamic adaptability, we have grasped the essence of tomorrow.
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