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Name DB Systemtechnik GmbH
Type Laboratory [EMC Test]
ISO 17025 Accreditation
Address /MapIT Weserglacis 2, Minden, 32423, Germany
Contact /Email Click to email
Tel /Fax Tel: 0571-3932188 / Fax: 0571-3935227
Details DAKKS Scope: D-PL-11081-01-00
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Acoustic and vibration technical investigations on the railways; investigation of rolling noise in the rail sector with the sound test car, especially for the detection of the "particularly monitored track"; climate studies in passenger and driving areas, testing of pressure protection, determination of pressure tightness and measurement of CO2 content in rail vehicles and test air filters and ventilation components, studies of aerodynamic loads and reactions in the railroad-technical fields and measuring meteorological parameters, wind tunnel testing of rail vehicles and systems, measurements of forces, movement, acceleration, and identification of strains of components of the infrastructure; magnetic field investigation, study of the field distribution along roadways, investigations and review of the electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields in terms of personal safety, Electromagnetic compatibility tests of rail equipment (track circuits and track switches) and electromagnetic compatibility of rolling stock (EMI / emission); braking technical studies on rail vehicles, braking systems and components of buffers and train dynamics, investigations of the technical difficulty and vibration behavior of railway vehicles; investigation of current collection systems - dynamic interaction between pantograph and overhead line, thermodynamic studies of combustion-rail vehicles for traction optimization, investigation of the electrical efficiency of consumers on motor vehicles and cars as well as the input impedance of energy supply facilities; investigation of lead-acid batteries; physical, physico-chemical and chemical analyzes of lubricants, fuels and insulating oils; determination of elements in lubricants using wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis, tribological studies of lubricants; sampling of lubricants and fuels; manual destructive testing (ultrasonic, magnetic particle , penetrant, eddy current and visual inspection) and mechanized ultrasonic testing of metallic materials and components in the field of railway engineering, structural strength and durability testing on windows, bogie frames, car bodies, train and draw gear, axles, wheels, axles and axle-boxes, checks of vehicles on the hump
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