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This is your EMCInfobase Country profile (Japan), providing many useful references including EMC test labs, Regulations, EMC sources of information etc
Regulations Compliance Information
Standards Bodies/Regulatory Bodies
JIS [Industrial Standardization in Japan]
VCCI [Voluntary Control Concil for Interference]

Compliance International [Japan]
Japan PSE regulation
SIEMIC Certification Services (Japan]
Simcom International [Japan]

Useful Web Sites
JATE [Japan Approvals Institute for TTE]
Jeida (Jeita)

Hong Kong

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New Zealand

Test Laboratories / Consultants
Advantest Corporation, Japan
AISAN Industry Co.,Ltd., Japan
Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd., Japan
Akita Prefectural R&D Center, Japan
Alpine Electronics, Inc., Japan
Alps Electric Co., LTD. EMC Test Lab, Japan
Anritsu Customer Services Co., Ltd. EMC Center, Japan
Astronaut CO.,LTD., Japan
Astronaut NOBORITO EMC SITE 2, Japan
Canon D5 RF Anechoic Chamber; FCC Part 15; CISPR 22/AS/NZS 3548, Japan
Canon Toride D7A RF Anechoic Chamber; FCC Part 15/CISPR 22/AS/NZS, Japan
Chemitox Inc., Japan
Chemitox, Inc. [Tokyo], Japan
Chemitox, Inc. [Yamanashi], Japan
Chokuan Industry Development Center ADOX Fukuoka, Japan
Circuit Design, Inc., Japan
Contec Ems Co., LTD, Japan
Cosmos Corporation, Japan
Cosmos Corporation [Watarai-cho], Japan
Denso EMC Engineering Service Corporation, Japan
Ehime Institute of Industrial technology, Japan
Eizo Nanao Corporation, Japan
EMC Japan Corporation, Japan
EMC Japan Corporation, Japan
EMC Japan Corporation, Japan
EMC Kashima Corporation, Japan
ESC Co,. Ltd., Japan
Fuji Electric Retail Systems Co.,Ltd., Japan
FUJIFILM Corporation, Japan
FUJIFILM Techno Products EMC Center, Japan
Fujitsu Evaluation Engineering Laboratory, Japan
Fujitsu General EMC Laboratory, Japan
Fujitsu Ten Limited, Japan
Fukuda Denshi EMC Center, Japan
Fukushima Technology Centre, Japan
Furuno Labotech International Co., Ltd, Japan
GE Yokogawa Medical Systems, Ltd., Japan
Hamamatsu Ind. Research Inst. of Shizuoka, Japan
Hiroshima Techno Plaza Corp., Japan
Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation, Japan
Hitachi Information & Communication Engineering, Ltd. EMC Center, Japan
Hitachi Kokusai Electric Co., Ltd., Japan
Hitachi Medical Corporation EMC Center, Japan
Iida EMC Center, Japan
Industrial Technology Ctr. of Okayama Pref., Japan
Industrial Technology Institute, Miyagi Pref., Japan
Intertek Japan K.K., Kashima Site, Japan
Intertek Japan K.K., Nagano, Japan
Intertek Japan K.K., Shisuoka, Japan
IPS Corporation, Japan
Ishikawa EMC Laboratory, Japan
Iwate Industrial Research Institute, Japan
Iwatsu Electric Co., Ltd., Japan
Japan Electrical Safety & Environment Tech. Labs., Japan
Japan EMC Laboratory Limited, Abiko Test Site, Japan
Japan EMC Laboratory Limited, Fukushima Test Site, Japan
Japan EMC Laboratory Limited, Tsukui Test Site, Japan
Japan Quality Assurance Org., Japan
Japan Quality Assurance Org. Chubu Testing Center Shikatsu Branch, Japan
Japan Quality Assurance Org. Safety & EMC Ctr. TSURU EMC Branch, Japan
Japan Quality Assurance Organization Kita-Kansai Testing Center, Japan
Japan Quality Assurance Organization Safety & EMC Center, Japan
Japan Radio Co., Ltd., Japan
JVC Yamato EMC Center, Japan
Kanagawa Industrial Technology Center, Japan
Kansai Electronic Industry Dev. Ct., Japan
Kansai Electronic Industry Development Center, Japan
Kenwood Corporation, Japan
Kitagawa Industries Co., Ltd., Japan
Koito Industries, Ltd., Japan
Konica Minolta Business Technologies Corporation, Japan
Konica Minolta Business Technologies Inc., Japan
Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc. Toyokawa EMC Lab, Japan
Kumahira Co.,Ltd., Japan
LAB Support Ltd., Japan
Mabuchi Motor Co., Ltd., Japan
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Matsushita EMC Center, Japan
Matsushita EMC Center, Japan
Matsushita EMC Center, Kadoma, Japan
Mimatsu Data System Co, Japan
Mitsubishi Electric Corp. EMC Technology Center, Information Technology R & D Center, Japan
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan
Mitsubishi Electric Engineering Co. Ltd., Japan
Miyazaki Prefecture Industrial Technology Center, Japan
Murata Machinery, Ltd., Japan
Murata Mfg. Co., Ltd. Yokohama Technical Center EMM Section, Japan
NEC Computertechno, Ltd., Japan
Niigata Fuji Xerox Manufacturing Co., Ltd. EMC Group, Japan
Nikkiso Co., Ltd., Japan
Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd., Japan
Noise Laboratory Co., Ltd., Japan
Noritsu Koki Co., Ltd., Japan
Oki Engineering Co., Ltd. EMC Center, Japan
Olympus EMC Laboratory, Japan
Omron Corporation, Japan
Panasonic Communications Test Laboratory Co., Ltd., Japan
Panasonic Corporation Panasonic EMC Standard Site, Japan
Panasonic Electric Works Analysis Center Co., Ltd., Japan
Panasonic Mobile Communications Engineering Co, Japan
Panasonic Shikoku Electronics Co., Japan
Panasonic Systems Network Co. Ltd Quality Assurance Center EMC Control Team 1-62, Japan
PFU Technoconsul Limited, Japan
Pioneer Corporation Kawagoe Plant, Japan
Rakuryo Technica Co., Ltd., Japan
RF Technologies Ltd., Japan
Ricoh Company, Ltd. Ohmori EMC Center, Japan
Roland Miyakoda EMC Test Laboratory, Japan
Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd, Japan
Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd., Testing Laboratory, Japan
SAXA, Inc., Japan
Seiko I Techno Research Co., Ltd., Japan
Sharp Corporation [Mie-ken], Japan
Sharp Corporation [Nara], Japan
Sharp Corporation [Tochigi], Japan
Sharp Nara EMC Center, EMI Measurement for ITE, Japan
Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Japan
Sony EMCS Corp. Kohda TEC, Japan
Sony EMCS Corporation Minokamo TEC EMC Site, Japan
Sony Kisarazu EMC Test Laboratory, Japan
Sony Nagano EMC Test Laboratory, Japan
Soshin Electric Co., Ltd., Japan
Star Micronics Co., Ltd., Japan
Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd. EMC Center, Japan
TDK Corporation, Japan
TDK Corporation EMC Center, Japan
TEAC Corporation, Japan
TEAC Corporation EMC Center, Japan
Technology International (Japan) Ltd, Japan
The Centre Promoting Local Industry of Iida Shimoina, Japan
Tokatsu Technoplaza, Japan
Tokin EMC Engineering Co., Ltd. Kawasaki Facility, Japan
Tokin EMC Engineering Co., Ltd. Nagoya Testing Facility, Japan
Tokin EMC Engineering Co., Ltd. Osaka Testing Laboratory, Japan
Tokin EMC Engineering Co., Ltd. Tsukuba Testing Laboratory, Japan
Tokushima Prefectural Industrial Technology Cent., Japan
Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc., Japan
Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial, Japan
Tomoe Corporation, Japan
Toshiba Carrier Engineering Co., Ltd., Japan
Toshiba Corp., Ome Operations, Japan
Toshiba Corporation Hino Operations, Japan
Toyocom Shoji co., Ltd, Japan
TUV Ohtama Ltd., Japan
TUV Ohtama Ltd. Tokyo Laboratory, Japan
TUV Ohtama, Ltd. TUV Sud Group, Yamanashi EMC Ctr. Ashigawa Lab, Japan
TUV Rheinland Japan Ltd., Japan
UL Japan, Inc., Japan
UL Japan, Inc. [Ashigarakami-gun], Japan
UL Japan, Inc. [Mie ken], Japan
Wave Corporation, Japan
Yamaha EMC Center, Japan
Yazaki Corporation, Japan
Zacta Technology Corp., Japan
Zacta Technology Corporation Yonezawa Testing Center, Japan
Equipment Suppliers
Anritsu, Japan
Eiden, Japan
Elena, Japan
Empower RF Systems, Japan
Hioki, Japan
Kiksusi, Japan
Kyoritstu Electrical Instruments Works, Ltd., Japan
Meguro, Japan
Micronix, Japan
Murata, Japan
Nextem, Japan
NF Corporation, Japan
NoiseKen, Japan
Okaya Electric Industries Co., Ltd., Japan
Onsoku, Japan
Panasonic Semiconductors, Japan
Seiwa, Japan
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd., Japan
Taiyo Yuden, Japan
Texio Technology Corporation, Japan
Toyo Corporation, Japan
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