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This is your EMCInfobase Country profile (USA), providing many useful references including EMC test labs, Regulations, EMC sources of information etc
Regulations Compliance Information
Standards Bodies/Regulatory Bodies
ANSI [American National Standards Institute]
ANSI C63 committee
ANSI Subcommittees
EMC Mil Standards Library
EMC Mil Standards Library [another]
European Union (EU) in the US
FCC [Federal Communication Comission]
ITI [Information Technology Industry Council]
The Department of Defense [DOD]

47 CFR Part 15:2007
ANSI c63.4
Archive, 47 CFR Part 15 [1997] Radio Frequency Devices [ie ITE]
Archive, 47 CFR Part 15 [1998] Radio Frequency Devices [ie ITE]
Archive, 47 CFR Part 15 [Oct 97] Download
Archive, 47 CFR Part 18 [1997], Industrial Scientific + Medical Equipment
Archive, 47 CFR Part 18 [1998], Industrial Scientific + Medical Equipment
Archive, 47 CFR Part 2 [1997]
Archive, 47 CFR Part 2 [1997] Section I, Marketing of Radio Frequency Devices
Archive, 47 CFR Part 2 [1997] Section J, Equipment Authorization Procedures
Archive, 47 CFR Part 2 [1997], Section K, Import devices causing harmful Interference
Archive, 47 CFR Part 2 [1998]
Archive, 47 CFR Part 5 [1997], Experimental Radio Services Other than Broadcast
Archive, 47 CFR Part 5 [1998], Experimental Radio Services Other than Broadcast
Archive, 47 CFR Part 68 [1997], Connection of TTE to the Telephone Network
Archive, 47 CFR Part 68 [1998], Connection of TTE to the Telephone Network
CFR47 (FCC) [on EMiSofts Web Site]
FCC Regulations:47CFR15:1997
NIST Conformity Assessment
NIST Criteria for CAB Qualification APEC Tel MRA, Phase I & II
SIEMIC Certification Services (USA]
US-EU MRA Related Web Sites

FCC [Full soft copy regulations, 47cfr Part 15, 2006]
FCC [Full soft copy regulations,47cfr part 15, 2008]
FCC CFR Downloads
FCC Equipment Authorization [AE]
FCC Expands use of GTEM Cells for Equipment Authorization Measurements
FCC ID Search
FCC KDB 704992 (Site cal above 1GHz)
FCC KDB 746324 (Part 15.31, Radiated Emission Measurements Above 1 GHz)
FCC KDB 974614 (D01 Accredited Test Lab Roles and Resp v01)
FCC On line forms
FCC Part 68 Registrations
Ford Motor Company (emc online)
Ford Motor Company (Receognized labs}
Ford Motor Company (Requirements}
Frequency Allocations [US]
Frequency Allocations [US] Text

Useful Web Sites
A2LA [American Assoc.for Lab Accreditation]
ACIL American Council of Independent Laboratories
Americal Radio Relay League [ARRL]
ANSI C63 committee : Newsletter
CEMA [Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Assoc.]
Communications Standards Review
Compliance Engineering
Conformity Magazine
Global Engineering Documents
IEEE EMC Silicon Valley
IEEE EMC Society Newsletter
IEEE HomePage
IEEE San Diego
IEEE Spectrum
IHS [Global]
InCompliance Magazine
Internation Trade Organisation
International Product Compliance for Electrical and Electronic Products
NARTE (Fcc testing info]
NARTE [EMC Certification]
NARTE [National Associattion of Radio + Telecomm Engs]
NIST [National Institute of Standards+Technology]
NVLAP [National Voluntary Lab Accreditation Program]
Postal Rate Commission (PRC)
Power Pulse
SAE [Society of Automotive Engineers]
TCB Council
Test & Measurement World

Hong Kong

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New Zealand

Test Laboratories / Consultants
3M Product Safety EMC Laboratory, USA
Acme Testing Company, USA
Acme Testing Company, Spokane, USA
Advanced Compliance Laboratory, Inc., USA
Advanced Compliance Solutions, Inc, [Melbourne], USA
Advanced Compliance Solutions, Inc., USA
Aegis Labs, Inc. [Lake Forest], USA
Aegis Labs, Inc. [Rancho Santa Margarita], USA
Aegis Labs, Inc. [Trabuco], USA
AHD (Amber Helm Development, L.C.), USA
Alcatel-Lucent, USA
Alcatel-Lucent, USA
Alcatel-Lucent, Global Product Compliance Lab, USA
Alion Science and Technology, USA
Alpine Electronics of America, Inc., USA
Americom Seminars, USA
Analab, USA
Ansoft, USA
Apple, USA
Apple Inc., EMC Compliance Laboratory [Cupertino], USA
Apple Inc., EMC Compliance Laboratory [Mountain View], USA
AT4 Wireless [Herndon], USA
Atlas Compliance & Engineering Inc, USA
Atlas Compliance & Engineering Inc, Royal Oak, USA
Atlas Compliance Solutions Inc, USA
Avaya Regulatory Compliance Lab, USA
BAE SYSTEMS Controls, Inc. EMI Laboratory, USA
BAE Systems E & IS, USA
Bay Area Compliance Laboratories Corp. [BACL], USA
BEC Incorporated, USA
BHS International, USA
Boeing - St. Louis Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory, USA
Bosch Security Systems, Inc., USA
Bose Corporation, USA
Carl T. Jones Corporation, USA
Certification Labs, USA
Cetecom [Milpitas], USA
Cetecom [San Diego], USA
Chomerics Test Services [Rochester], USA
Chomerics Test Services [Woburn], USA
Chrysler - E/E Systems Compatibility EMC Laboratory, USA
Cisco Systems, Inc. [Boxborough], USA
Cisco Systems, Inc. [San Jose], USA
CKC Laboratories, Inc. [Bothell], USA
CKC Laboratories, Inc. [Brea], USA
CKC Laboratories, Inc. [Fremont], USA
CKC Laboratories, Inc. [Mariposa], USA
Clifford's Telecommunications Certification Test Laboratories & Compliance Consulting Services (Fremont Labs), USA
Communication Certification Laboratory, Inc., USA
Compatible Electronics, Inc. [Agoura], USA
Compatible Electronics, Inc. [Brea], USA
Compatible Electronics, Inc. [Silverado], USA
Compatible Worldwide Inc, USA
Compliance Certification Services Inc. [UL CCS], USA
Compliance International, USA
Compliance Management Group (CMG) - Marlboro, MA, USA
Compliance Testing LLC, USA
Compliance Worldwide Inc, USA
Contech Research Inc., USA
Continental Automotive Systems [Auburn Hills], USA
Continental Automotive Systems [Lake Zurich], USA
Continental Automotive Systems Inc., USA
Cooper Power Systems, USA
Core Compliance Testing Services, USA
Criterion Technology Inc., USA
Cross & Black Inc, USA
Curtis-Straus LLC (Bureau Veritas Consumer Products), USA
D. C. Smith Consultants, USA
D.L.S. Electronic Systems, Inc., USA
Dayton T. Brown, Inc., USA
dBi Corporation, USA
Dell Regulatory Test Laboratories, USA
Delphi Electronics & Safety Test Lab, USA
Delphi Packard Electrical/Electronic Architecture, USA
Denso International America (DIAM) EMC, USA
DLS Electronic Systems, Inc., USA
DLS Electronic Systems, Inc., USA
DNB Engineering Inc (Utah), USA
DNB Engineering, Inc.[Fullerton], USA
Don Heirman Consultants, USA
E. F. Electronics Company, USA
Eaton Corporation, USA
Eaton Corporation [Beaver], USA
Electro Magnetic Test, Inc., USA
ElectroMagnetic Investigations, LLC, USA
ElectroMagnetic Investigations, LLC, Hillsboro, USA
Element Warren, USA
Elite Electronic Engineering, Inc., USA
Elliott Laboratories, USA
Elliott Laboratories [Sunnyvale], USA
EMC Compliance Management Group, USA
EMC Corporation, USA
EMC Corporation, Franklin, USA
EMC Corporation, Hopkinton, USA
EMC Corporation, Milford, USA
EMC Integrity, Inc., USA
EMC Tempest Engineering Inc., USA
EMC Testing Laboratories, Inc., USA
EMCE Engineering, Inc. & Universal Compliance Lab, USA
Emerson Network Power-Product Testing Service, USA
EMI Home Page, USA
EMiSoft US Contact, USA
Emulex Corporation, USA
Engineered Testing Systems, LLC, USA
Entela, USA
Environ Laboratories LLC, USA
Environment Associates, Inc, USA
Equipment Management Technology [EMT], USA
Equipment Reliability Institute's [ERI], USA
Ergonomics Inc, USA
FAU EMI R&D Laboratory, USA
Flextronics Compliance Laboratory, USA
Flom Test Lab, USA
F-Squared Laboratories, USA
F-Squared Laboratories, USA
F-Squared Laboratories, USA
Garwood Laboratories Inc, USA
GE Healthcare, USA
General Dynamics, Decision Systems, USA
Gentex Corporation, USA
Glen Ellen Laboratories, USA
Global Certification Laboratory Ltd, USA
Global Product Compliance Laboratory, USA
Global Testing Laboratories, LLC, USA
Global Testing Services, Inc., USA
Grayhill Inc. EMC Test Lab, USA
Green Mountain Electromagnetics, USA
H&B Enterprises, USA
Harley-Davidson Dept. 812 EMC Laboratory, USA
Harris Corporation GCSD EMI Test Laboratory, USA
Henry Ott Consultants, USA
Hewlett Packard Company Houston Product Compliance Center, USA
Hewlett Packard Company, Laserjet Test Lab-Hardware Test Center, USA
Hewlett Packard Product Test Lab, San Diego, USA
Hewlett-Packard Company Roseville Hardware Test Center, USA
Hewlett-Packard Company Technical Computing Division Ft. Collins Hardware Test Center, USA
Hewlett-Packard Company Vancouver Division EMC Engineering Laboratory, USA
Hitachi Automotive Products, USA
Honeywell Sensing and Control EMC Laboratory, USA
Hoolihan EMC Consulting, USA
HP Corporation EMC Lab, USA
HP Packard Fort Collins Hardware, USA
HP Product Test, USA
HP Roseville Hardware Test, USA
IBM Endicott EMC Lab, USA
IBM Poughkeepsie EMC Laboratory, USA
IBM Rochester EMC Lab, USA
Incases, USA
Ingenium Testing, LLC, USA
Instrument Repair Labs, Inc (Part of Tektronix), USA
Intel Corporation EPSD Regulatory Compliance Laboratoy, USA
Intel Corporation, Oregon Site Environmental Lab, USA
Intermec Technologies Corporation, USA
Intermec Technologies Corporation, USA
International Compliance Laboratories, LLC, USA
International Technology Company, USA
Intertek ETL Semko, USA
Intertek Littleton, USA
Intertek Testing Services (Lexington), USA
Intertek Testing Services [Boxoborough], USA
Intertek Testing Services [Cortland], USA
Intertek Testing Services [Cortland2], USA
Intertek Testing Services [Duluth], USA
Intertek Testing Services [Lagina Niguel, CA], USA
Intertek Testing Services [Littleton, MA], USA
Intertek Testing Services [Menlo Park], USA
Intertek Testing Services [Oakdale], USA
Intertek Testing Services [Richardson], USA
Intertek Testing Services NA, Inc, USA
Intertek Testing Services NA, Inc [Colorado], USA
Intertek Testing Services NA, Inc. (Boulder), USA
IQS, A Division of Degree Controls, USA
IQS, A Division of Degree Controls, [Fairbanks], USA
IQS, A Division of Degree Controls, [Forest Street], USA
ITC Engineering Services, Inc., USA
ITS TestMark Laboratories, USA
Jabil Circuit, Inc., USA
Jacobs Technology, Inc - EMC Testing Laboratory, USA
Jastech EMC Consulting, LLC, USA
JEF Consultant Inc., USA
JMR Electronics, USA
Johnson Controls Automotive Experience Product Evaluation, USA
JSC Receiving Inspection and Test Facility, USA
Keystone Compliance, LLC., USA
Kimmel Gerke Associates Ltd, USA
Kimmel Gerke Associates Ltd (Daryl Gerke), USA
L.S. Compliance Inc, USA
L3 Communications Systems-West, USA
LambdaMetrics, Inc, USA
LCR Electronics Inc, USA
LECO Corporation, USA
Lexmark International, USA
Lexmark International, Inc., USA
Liberty Labs Inc, USA
Lichtig EMC Consulting, USA
Lightning Technologies, Inc., USA
Lockheed Martin System Integration ECT Laboratory-NIST-150-11 ECT, USA
LS Research, LLC, USA
LSI Corp., USA
Lucent Technologies, USA
Lucent Technologies, USA
M. Flom, USA
MET Laboratories Inc (East Coast), USA
MET Laboratories Inc (Santa Clara), USA
MET Laboratories Inc (Santa Clara), USA
MET Laboratories Inc [Union City], USA
Microvolt Labs, Inc, USA
Mid West EMi Associates, USA
Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc. EMC Test Lab, USA
Montrose Compliance Services Inc, USA
Motorola EMC Lab - Plantation, FL, USA
Motorola Inc., USA
Motorola Mobile Devices Product Safety & Compliance Test and Measurement Laboratories, USA
Motorola Product Testing Services, USA
National Technical Systems (NTS), Fullerton, USA
National Technical Systems (NTS), Massachusetts, USA
National Technical Systems (NTS), Plano, USA
National Technical Systems (NTS), Tempe, USA
National Technical Systems (NTS), Tinton Falls, USA
Nebraska Center for Excellence in Electronics, USA
Nemko Dallas, Inc., USA
Nemko USA, Inc. [Lewisville], USA
Nemko USA, Inc. [San Diego EMC], USA
NetApp Inc, USA
Nexteer EMC Laboratory, USA
NIDEC Motors & Actuators, USA
Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine Test Laboratory, USA
Northwest EMC, USA
Northwest EMC [Irvine Lab], USA
Northwest EMC [New York Lab], USA
Northwest EMC [Sultan Lab], USA
OMRON Automotive Electronics (OEDC) EMC Laboratory, USA
Oregon Certification EMC Lab, USA
Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America, USA
PCTEST Engineering Laboratory, Inc., USA
Percept Technology Labs, USA
Percept Technology Labs Inc., USA
Philips Medical Systems Andover Hardware Test Center (AHTC), USA
Pioneer Automotive Technologies, Inc. EMC Lab, USA
Pitney Bowes EMC Test Laboratory, USA
Product Safety Engineering, Inc., USA
Professional Testing (EMI), Inc., USA
Professional Testing (EMI), Inc. [Austin], USA
Professional Testing (EMI), Inc. [Marble Falls], USA
PSL (Power Standards Lab), USA
PSL (Standards), USA
Pulver Laboratories Inc, USA
QAI Laboratories, USA
QAI Laboratories (Oklahoma), USA
QAI Laboratories (Virginia), USA
Qualtest, Inc., USA
Quest Engineering Solutions, USA
Radiation Sciences Inc, USA
Radiometrics Midwest Corp., USA
Raytheon Electronic Systems,California Engineering EEE Laboratory, USA
Raytheon Technical Services Co. LLC EMI Laboratory, USA
Raytheon Test Laboratories - Fort Wayne, USA
Retlif Testing Laboratories, USA
Retlif Testing Laboratories [New Hamsphire], USA
Retlif Testing Laboratories [Ronkonkoma], USA
RF Exposure Lab, LLC, USA
Rhein Tech Laboratories, Inc., USA
Robert Bosch Corporation, USA
Robert Reinert, USA
Robust Electronic Design, Inc, USA
Rockwell Collins EMI Test Laboratory, USA
Rogers Labs, Inc., USA
Rubicom, a divisoin of ACS, USA
Sanesi Associates, USA
Scientific Systems, Inc [emcdatabase], USA
SE Laboratories, Inc, USA
Security Engineering Services Inc, USA
Shielding Integrity Services, Inc., USA
Siemens VDO Automotive, USA
SIEMIC Certification Services [US, Lab], USA
Silent Solutions LLC RF Design & EMC Consulting & Training, USA
Simcom International, USA
Smith Electronics, Inc., USA
Sony Electronics Inc. Product Quality Division EMC Group, USA
Southwest Research Institute, USA
Stork Garwood Laboratories Inc., USA
Sun Microsystems, Inc., USA
Sun Microsystems, Inc. EMC Testing, USA
Sypris Test & Measurement, Inc., USA
TDK RF Solutions, Inc., USA
TDK Test Services, USA
Technology International (US) Ltd, USA
Tektronix EMC Lab, USA
Telcordia Technologies, USA
TEM Consulting, LP, USA
Tempest Inc., USA
Teradata Corporation EMC Lab, USA
Test Site Services, Inc., USA
Thomson Lab Services, USA
Timco Engineering, Inc., USA
Tom Koons, USA
Toro Company, USA
Tracor Test Services, USA
Trialon Corporation, USA
Trialon Corporation Reliability Technical Center, USA
Tricor Systems Inc, USA
TRW Automotive - Validation Laboratory [Farmington Hills], USA
TRW Automotive - Validation Laboratory [Livonia], USA
TRW Specialized Services, USA
TUV America, USA
TUV America - Product Service, USA
TUV America Inc, USA
TUV Rheinland - Rochester N.Y., USA
TUV Rheinland Of North America Inc (Newtown), USA
TUV Rheinland Of North America Inc [Pleasanton], USA
TUV Rheinland Of North America Inc [Youngsville], USA
TUV Rheinland of North America Inc.[Rochester], USA
TUV Rheinland of North America, Inc. - EMC & Telecom. Services, USA
TUV SUD America - Plymouth, USA
TUV SUD America, Inc. [Millville], USA
TÜV SÜD America, Inc. [New Brighton], USA
TUV SUD America, Inc. [San Diego], USA
TUV SUD America, Inc. [Taylors Falls], USA
Underwriters Laboratories Inc. [Northbrook], USA
Underwriters Laboratories Inc. [Novi], USA
Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. [Melville], USA
Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. [Research Triangle Park], USA
Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. [San Jose], USA
Unisys Corporation, USA
Universal Compliance Labs dba EMCE Engineering, USA
University Arizona, USA
University Kentucky, USA
University of Michigan, USA
University of Missouri-Rolla, USA
US Tech, USA
UTStarcom Inc., USA
Valeo EMC Laboratory, USA
Visteon Corporation - Global Test Services, USA
Walshire Labs, LLC, USA
Washington Laboratories, Ltd, USA
Wayne Langston, Inc., USA
Welch Allyn Beaverton EMC Lab, USA
White Mountain Labs, USA
Whitesell Consulting LLC, USA
Windermere TEMPEST and EMI Test Services, USA
World Cal Inc, USA
Wyle Laboratories Inc, USA
Wyle Laboratories, Inc.[OATS]., USA
Xerox Corporation, USA
Xerox Corporation, Building 843, USA
Yazaki Testing Center, USA
Equipment Suppliers
3M Electronic Solutions, USA
A.H. Systems, USA
A.K. Stamping Company Inc, USA
Abracon Corp, USA
Accutek Microcircuit Corp, USA
Acheson Colloids Co, USA
ACL Staticide Inc, USA
ACS Industries Inc, USA
Adams Magnetic Products Co, USA
Adaptive Power Systems, USA
ADLINK Technology Inc, USA
Advanced Circuit Technology, USA
Advanced ElectroMagnetics Inc, USA
AE Techron Inc, USA
AEA Technology Inc., USA
Aeroflex, USA
Agilent Technologies Co, USA
Agilent Technologies Co (Electronic Test & Measurement), USA
AI Technology Inc, USA
Aktakom, USA
Amber Precision Instruments, USA
AML Communications, Inc, USA
Amrel, USA
Anatech Electronics Inc, USA
Anixter, USA
Anritsu (US), USA
API Delevan Inc, USA
APM Hexseal Corp, USA
Applied Electromagnetic Technology, USA
Applied Simulation Technology, USA
Applied Simulation Technology (Apsim), USA
Applied Systems Engineering Inc, USA
APW Zero Cases, USA
AR Amplifiers, USA
AR Amplifiers (Modular), USA
AR Knowledge Center, USA
ARA [Antenna Research Associates] Inc, USA
Associated Research Home, USA
Audio Precision, USA
Aurastar, USA
Bantam Instruments, USA
Behlman Electronics, USA
Bertek [Cabling], USA
Bird Electronics, USA
BK Precision, USA
BNC [Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation], USA
Boonton, USA
Bourns, USA
Braden Shielding Systems, USA
California Instruments Corp, USA
Captor Corp, USA
Casper, USA
Chomerics (Shielding), USA
Chroma, USA
Coaxial Dynamics, USA
Coilcraft Inc, USA
Conec, USA
Copeco Products, USA
Corcom Incorporated, USA
CPI [Communications and Power Industries], USA
Credence Technologies Inc (3M), USA
Cristek Interconnects, USA
CST of America Inc, USA
CTS Components, USA
Custom Interconnects, USA
Dataq Instruments, USA
Datel, USA
Diamond Engineering, USA
Dressler HF-Technik GmbH [Advanced Energy], USA
Elcom (FEI-Elcom Tech), USA
Electro Metrics, Incorporated, USA
Electrocube Inc, USA
ElectroMagnetic Instruments, Inc, USA
Elgar (Ametek), USA
EMC Automation, USA
EMC Technology, USA
EMC Test Design LLC, USA
EMiLinks, USA
Emission Control Ltd, USA
Empower RF Systems, Inc., USA
ETM Microwave Amplifiers, USA
ETS Lindgren, USA
ETS Lindgren [Glendale Heights], USA
Extech Instruments, USA
Fair Rite Products Corp, USA
FCC [Fischer Custom Communications, Inc], USA
FerriShield Inc, USA
Filter Networks, USA
Filtronica, USA
Fischer Connectors Inc, USA
Flomerics (US), USA
Florida RF Labs, USA
Fluke, USA
FW Bell, USA
Genisco Filter Corp, USA
Georator Corp, USA
Gigamax, USA
Giga-tronics Incorporated, USA
HD Systems, USA
Hioki (USA), USA
Hipotronics, USA
Holaday [new], USA
HP (Equipment), USA
HV Technologies Inc, USA
Hytronics, USA
ICM [Inter-Continental Microwave], USA
IDT [Inegrated Devices Technology], USA
IEH Corporation, USA
IFI [Instruments for Industry], USA
International Rectifier, USA
Inter-Technical Group, USA
Ja Bar Silicone Corp, USA
JFW Industries Inc, USA
Kalmus (now part of AR), USA
Keithley Instruments, USA
Keytek, USA
Kiksusi USA, Usa
LeCroy Corporation, USA
Lindgren RF Enclosures, USA
LP Technologies, USA
MµShield Magnetic Shielding, USA
MAJR Products Corp, USA
Marconi (Aeroflex), USA
Mentor Graphics, USA
Metatech, USA
MI Technologies, USA
MicroLab, USA
Microsemi Corporation, USA
Mini Circuits, USA
Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, USA
Molex, USA
Mountain States Representatives, USA
Narda Safety Test Solutions, USA
National Instruments, USA
NEC Tokin America, USA
NIC Components Corporation, USA
Noisecom, USA
Noisecom (UK), USA
Noisewave Corporation, USA
NSI [Nearfield Systems Inc], USA
Omega Shielding Products Inc, USA
On filter, USA
ON Semiconductor, USA
Orbit/fr, USA
Orion Industries Inc, USA
Oryx Instruments Inc, USA
Pacific Power Source, USA
Panasonic, USA
Phase Matrix, Inc, USA
Phase One Microwave, Inc., Usa
Picosecond Pulse Labs (PSPL) Inc, USA
Power Semiconductors, USA
Power-One Inc., USA
Probotic Systems, USA
Pulse (Technitrol), USA
Quatum Change, USA
Radiall (Multipin & Fiber Optic Components), USA
Radiall (RF Aerospace, Defense & Instrumentation), USA
Radiall (RF Microwave Connectors, Cable Assemblies & Components), USA
Rigol, USA
Sabritec, USA
Sanders Industries, USA
Sara, USA
Schaffner Ltd, USA
Schlegel, USA
Seaward/Cropico, USA
Skyworks Solutions Inc., USA
Solar Electronics, USA
Sonoma Instrument Co., USA
Sorensen, USA
South Bay Circuits, USA
Southwest Microwave, USA
Spectrascan International Inc, USA
SpectraSoft, USA
Spectrum Control Inc, USA
Steward Inc, USA
Summitek, USA
Sunol Sciences Corp, USA
Suppliers Connection [EMiLinks], USA
SV Microwave, USA
Symmetricom, USA
Taiyo Yuden Inc [North American], USA
TDK Lambda Americas, USA
Tech Etch Inc, USA
Tektronix, USA
Teledyne Lecroy, USA
Telewave Inc., USA
Tepro, USA
Thermo Voltek Corporation (Keytek), USA
Toko American, USA
Trilithic, USA
Tusonix Inc, USA
Vasona [running in windows 7], USA
Vasona Datasheet, USA
Vasona Emission and Immunity Software !, USA
Venture Tape Corp, USA
Voltech Instruments Inc, USA
Walker Scientific Inc, USA
Weetech Inc, USA
Wickmann, USA
Wieland Electric Inc, USA
Wima, USA
Wireless Telecom Group, USA
Yokogawa Corporation of America, USA
Z Mar Technology Inc, USA
Zero Surge Inc, USA
Zippertubing Company, USA
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