EMxLinks Examples


These are examples of how to make the best use out of EMiLinks
Note :
Clicked the "RESET" button first, these are the  differences from nominal values.

Example Wanted output Input
Example 1 All the EMC Regulations in EUROPE Text Entry : Regulations EMC, Europe
Type of sites :
Regulation EMC
Region Specific Data : Europe
Example 2 All the USA Test Laboratories Text Entry : USA,  EMC Test
Type of sites :
Laboratory [EMC Test]
Region Specific Data : USA
Example 3 As much information about Canada as possible, but in an organised fashion. Region Specific Data : Canada
Display/Sort : Country Profile
Example 4 VCCI Web Page Text Entry : VCCI
Example 5 All EMiLinks sites beginning with the letter "E" Alphabetic Selection : E
Example 6 Low Voltage Directive Text Entry : LVD
Example 7 Entire Alphabetic Listing of the Sites in EMiLinks.  
Example 8 All Software providers in the UK. Text Entry : Software, UK
Type of sites :
Manufacturer [Software]
Region Specific Data : UK


1. You can use + or ANDs to make more complicated "text input"
searches, see Example 1, Example 8

2. First, click the "Reset" button, these are settings from nominal values.

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