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Database updated: May 03 2014
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Agilent Technologies UK Limited (more) Laboratory [Calibration] UK
AR France SA (more) Laboratory [Calibration] France
AR UK Ltd. (more) Laboratory [Calibration] UK
AT4 Wireless [Herndon] (more) Laboratory [Calibration] USA
AT4 Wireless [Spain] (more) Laboratory [Calibration] Spain
Austrian Research Centers (more) Laboratory [Calibration] Austria
China Instruments Group Limited (more) Laboratory [Calibration] China
Complus Systems Pvt. Ltd (more) Laboratory [Calibration] India
Concilium Technologies (Pty) Ltd (more) Laboratory [Calibration] South Africa
D.A.R.E.!! Consultancy (more) Laboratory [Calibration] The Netherlands
De Beer Callibration Services (more) Laboratory [Calibration] South Africa
Delta Dansk Elektronik Lys og Akustik (more) Laboratory [Calibration] Denmark
Dowding & Mills Calibration (more) Laboratory [Calibration] UK
Electronic Scientific Engineering Ltd (more) Laboratory [Calibration] Hong Kong
EM Engineering Inc. (more) Laboratory [Calibration] Korea
Engineering Services & Marketing - Pioneer Europe NV (more) Laboratory [Calibration] Belgium
Equipment Management Technology [EMT] (more) Laboratory [Calibration] USA
ETS Lindgren (more) Laboratory [Calibration] USA
FCC [Fischer Custom Communications, Inc] (more) Laboratory [Calibration] USA
Hermon Laboratories (more) Laboratory [Calibration] Israel
IEM. SRL (more) Laboratory [Calibration] Italy
IFR Limited (more) Laboratory [Calibration] UK
Institut Pro Testovani a Certifikaci AS (more) Laboratory [Calibration] Czech Republic
Instrument Repair Labs, Inc (Part of Tektronix) (more) Laboratory [Calibration] USA
Intertek Testing Services NA, Inc. (Boulder) (more) Laboratory [Calibration] USA
IPS Corporation (more) Laboratory [Calibration] Japan
Japan EMC Laboratory Limited, Abiko Test Site (more) Laboratory [Calibration] Japan
Japan EMC Laboratory Limited, Fukushima Test Site (more) Laboratory [Calibration] Japan
Japan EMC Laboratory Limited, Tsukui Test Site (more) Laboratory [Calibration] Japan
JS Denki Pte Ltd (more) Laboratory [Calibration] Singapore
LAB Support Ltd. (more) Laboratory [Calibration] Japan
Laboratoire National de Métrologie et d'Essais (more) Laboratory [Calibration] France
Laboratoria DE Nayer (more) Laboratory [Calibration] Belgium
Laboratorio Central Oficial De Electrotecnia (more) Laboratory [Calibration] Spain
Liberty Labs Inc (more) Laboratory [Calibration] USA
M2S Sarl. (more) Laboratory [Calibration] France
Metric Industrial AS (Denmark) (more) Laboratory [Calibration] Denmark
MPB (more) Laboratory [Calibration] Italy
MPB (UK) (more) Laboratory [Calibration] UK
Narda Safety Test Solutions SRL (more) Laboratory [Calibration] Italy
Nemko AS (more) Laboratory [Calibration] Norway
Nmi Certin B.V. (more) Laboratory [Calibration] The Netherlands
NPL [National Physical Laboratory] Laboratory [Calibration] UK
Prüfstelle für Schienenfahrzeuge (more) Laboratory [Calibration] Germany
Quinel (more) Laboratory [Calibration] Switzerland
Rainford EMC Systems (more) Laboratory [Calibration] UK
ROOTS Communications Pte Ltd (more) Laboratory [Calibration] Singapore
RWE Eurotest GmbH (more) Laboratory [Calibration] Germany
Satimo (more) Laboratory [Calibration] France
Satimo Italy (more) Laboratory [Calibration] Italy
Satimo USA (more) Laboratory [Calibration] USA
SE Laboratories, Inc Laboratory [Calibration] USA
Services Electrical Standards Centre (more) Laboratory [Calibration] UK
Shielding Integrity Services, Inc. (more) Laboratory [Calibration] USA
Siepel SAS (more) Laboratory [Calibration] France
SIRA Laboratory [Calibration] UK
SLG Prüf Und Zertifizierungs Gmbh (more) Laboratory [Calibration] Germany
Southwest Research Institute (more) Laboratory [Calibration] USA
Sypris Test & Measurement, Inc. (more) Laboratory [Calibration] USA
TDK Electronics UK (more) Laboratory [Calibration] UK
Technicky Skusobny Ustav Piestany SP. (more) Laboratory [Calibration] Slovakia
TESEO SpA (more) Laboratory [Calibration] Italy
Volta SpA (more) Laboratory [Calibration] Italy
World Cal Inc (more) Laboratory [Calibration] USA
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