Vasona- Introduction


Speaker : Andy Griffin
This was a presented to various test laboratories using Vasona software.

It covers the problems associated with EMC emissions measurements, instruments and processes. It highlights some of the key areas where software will both help and hinder the particular assessment.


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                   Part1 Overview            Part2 Software Weakness


Emission Measurements “a review”

How do we achieve this .. ?
How do we achieve this ...? [cont]
Accuracy [of spectrum analysers]
Signals of Interest
Signals of Interest [conclusion]
Resolution [within a profile]
Resolution [profile]
Resolution [description of profile]
Resolution [after zoom, profile]
Resolution [after zoom]


Software Weakness ?

Software Weakness ? [cont]
Time Varying Signals [overview]
Time Varying Signals [turntable profile]
Time Varying Signals [description]
Time Varying Signals [tower profile]
Time Varying Signals [description]
Effective Measurements
About the speaker
Andy Griffin graduated from college in Nottingham, England in 1985, since that time has worked within the EMC industry. He has worked at Assessment Services, KTL , AWRE Aldermaston, IBM, CISCO Systems Inc. [currently EMC Technical Lead] and as an independent consultant. In addition he is managing director of EMiSoft ltd., who generate EMC test software, provide EMC consultancy services. He is also a qualified Test Laboratory assessor covering the requirements of ISO 9001, EN45001. He is currently a member of the following EMC committees -ETSI ERM EMC, CISPR I WG2, WG3, WG4, CISPR H WG1, SABS EMC.
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